Vehicle Love Languages 101


LET’S TALK SHOP: WITH Celeste & Angel



  1. Tires: Sitting on those DUBS that need some love?
    1. KEYWORDS: Recommended Tire Maintenance Post Winter
    2. Listen tires are not the eveready battery bunny - they do give out if you do not give them the care proper maintenance that they need.
    3. Rotate the tires every 5000 miles as it helps with the wear and tear.
    4. Even if you did not purchase your tires have them checked at your local discount tire or NTB where they sell insurance policies on the tires. That way if you ever have an accident on the road or an incident where your tire has a hole punched in it or it’s non-repairable they will replace them for you under the insurance coverage.
    5. Pay close attention to the warning lights.
  2. Windshield Wipers that rub you the wrong way? It is recommended that you change the wipers every six months to a year based on use. Our rule of thumb is if you use your wipers often change when the clocks change for daylight savings time…. Seasons change, change blades.
  3. Engine: If it’s not purring you need to be worried.
  4. Once again Warning Lights, Warning Lights, Warning Lights.
  5. The Engine is the Muscle of your vehicle. Just like our body’s as we age ladies and gents, you MUST understand the signs of trouble.
  6. Oil / Fluids: Lubrication is everything. Fuel treatment, oil changes (at the same place that you TRUST every time). Windshield washer fluid and Anti-Freeze. Make sure these fluids are checked and changed as necessary as a part of a multi point inspection.
  7. Brakes: Don’t wait till you hear them scrap. Brake pad replacement is much less expensive than having to also purchase a new set of rotors in the front or brake shoes in the rear. If you have a front wheel drive vehicle, chances are you won’t have to change those for the life of the vehicle unless you have an unusual circumstance.
  8. Body maintenance
    1. Pre Winter waxing
    2. Clearshield paint protection.
    3. Wash your vehicle throughout the winter months especially if you live/work in an area where the roads are salted to eliminate ice. Salt eats away the paint and body of the vehicle and will cause it to rust quickly.
  9. Keys & Key Fob Care- This is more important than you may know. Certain vehicles rely on the key Fob to start the engine, arm and disarm the factory security system, lock and unlock doors as well as access the trunk. If this malfunctions your operation of the vehicle may be limited and make things difficult.
  10. Batteries- Loose Battery terminals can send false signals of major malfunctions that would not exist if the terminals are properly tightened. Not if you’re having issues with the vehicle charging or starting I want to have the vehicles battery tested catcher local auto parts store. They typically offer free testing and assist with replacement depending on the vehicle. Often times there are reasons that chair vehicles battery will not charge such as the alternator needing replacement. If the battery tests fine but you’re still having issues, the next step is typically to have your alternator tested separately.
  11. Tail lights: Headlights 1,2,3! There are simple ways to make sure that your headlights and tail lights are functioning properly even when you are alone. Pull the vehicle up to a plain white background or a vehicle where you can see the reflection of the light while still inside the vehicle. Many vehicles require that the bumpers are removed to install a new headlight bulbs, however there are several that simply require that you unplug the old bulb and plug in the new.
  12. Why do we need to warm up our vehicles? Once again, the reasons are similar to the reasons we prepare our bodies differently for activities as we age. The vehicle has a lot of moving parts and they require lubrication that lubrication needs to be warmed up in order to activate itself properly. We warm the engine so that as it moves and works hard for us, especially those of us that have a leadfoot and like to get places quickly. There are so many moving parts in the engine that cannot move properly when the engine is cold. Remote start systems or not created so that we can just hop into a warm vehicle and feel all nice and cozy. They were actually created so that the engine would be warm and we could just immediately drive the vehicle without sitting in it as it warms And to illuminate the need to weather the cold in order to do so. It reduced theft , as you no longer have to leave the keys in the vehicle in order for it to properly warm up. Believe it or not and don’t quote me on this but I believe it also reduced the amount of accidental death due to asphyxiation while warming up the vehicle.
  13. Potholes
    1. Why avoiding them like the plague means sustaining the life of your vehicular underbelly